Toe Sucking Guys

Will Sims

Will Simms just loves a sexy pair of feet on his skinny body and it doesn’t always have to be from someone else. When he decides to take himself through all of the level of arousals to the final explosion, his own feet will do just as well. He starts out by running his cock over his pants to get it nice and hard and ready for action. It’s at that point that his shirt comes off and he licks his fingers to get them covered in his spit to rub his nipples and let the waves of pleasure course down to his crotch. He unbuttons his pants as his need for a stroke becomes more and more intense and takes them off completely. He slides his fingertips over his balls and even gives his tight little asshole a little rub. That’s when he takes his stiff dick into his hand and starts stroking it with his socked feet right in his view. He uses one finger to fill up his hole and keeps on stroking himself until he feels the pressure start to build and he brings himself past the point of no return. He adjust himself and takes off his socks to get a clear view of his feet and jerks himself with the finger still deep down in his ass. When it comes time to let himself go, he lets the gobs of his cum shoot out all over his stomach and cover it in his sweet smelling seed.

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