Toe Sucking Guys

Will Sims and Austin Nova

Will Simon and Austin Nova know that nothing innocent ever comes from a foot rub, which is exactly why they’ve chosen this moment to share one. With one of the studs on his back in bed, the other can’t help but be drawn to the white socks on his feet. He sits down and puts them on his lap and gently rub the soles with his fingers. It doesn’t take long for him to slide the socks off and let his finger run over the bare, sweaty skin, letting him smell all of the wonderful aromas that emanate from them. He takes a few minutes to make sure they’re properly worked in, then he lifts it to his mouth and sucks on his toes until they get coated in this saliva. He uses that momentum to move up his body and wrap his lips around his friend’s thick, stiff and waiting cock. He takes the thing as deep into his throat as he can manage before he takes off his pants and offers up his tight asshole to be filled up with that delicious cock. His friend happily agrees and c limbs on top of him to slides himself right into the tight thing. He thrusts himself deep into the taboo hole until he starts to feel himself get ready to explode and decides to share the experience. He pulls out and kneels over his friend as they both jerk themselves while looking deep into each other’s eyes and cum.

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