Toe Sucking Guys

Vitali Kutcher and Casper Ivarsson

Vitali Kutcher and Casper Ivarsson are in the mood for a bit of fun and nothing’s going to stop them from playing with each other’s bodies. Casper sits back and relaxes for a little bit of pampering from Vitali. He starts off by massaging his feet over his socks and breathing the scent deep into his nose. Then he peels them off and sucks his toes right into his mouth. Then he leans back and wraps his own naked feet around Casper’s thick, stiff cock and strokes is with his soft and sweaty soles before leaning in to suck it. The warm cock slides right into his drooling mouth and he can’t help but moan at how good it tastes. He works it better than any other cock sucker in the world and he gets rewarded with sticky pre cum to enjoy. He slowly runs his tongue over the head and works the shaft with is lips. He has to stop before he gets a cum load shot right down his throat. He leans back and his friend moves in to do the sucking for himself. They’re both right on the edge by the time they finally fuck each other’s assholes.

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