Toe Sucking Guys

Travis Cooper

Beefcake Travis just got home from pumping iron at the gym and it has him all hot and bothered. He pulls a naughty magazine out of his gym bag and settles in for some hot cock stroking. Thankfully for us that includes unlacing and removing his big sneakers and peeling off his sweaty black ankle socks to reveal his smooth smelly soles. As he glances at the sexy action on the pages of his magazine he slides a hand under his slick shorts, stroking his big stiffy. This foot lover isn't content with just his cock for long though and runs a hand down to his big feet, rubbing and massaging his arches and plump toes. As he gets more and more aroused he grabs one of his big shoes taking a deep whiff of his sweaty man foot smell before placing it over his erect dick and sliding it back and forth over his hard on with obvious pleasure. Soon he needs a little more sensation and he takes his shoe in one hand, stroking his cock firmly with his other skillful hand. He gets closer and closer until finally we are treated with watching him shoot his load all over the bottom of his big tennis shoe.

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