Toe Sucking Guys

Tommy Hunter

The only thing that Tommy Hunter loves more than feet is stiff cock. He’s all alone today and he’s going to try and bring them both together. He doesn’t waste any time in taking off his clothes, then he sits with his naked soles touching each other. He only stops to coat his dick and arches with baby oil, then he gets down to business. He starts stroking his cock while pulling his heels in to rub them against his swollen ball sack. Once he starts getting himself close, he leans forward to blow his load all over his feet. His thick and creamy man sauce shoots out in ribbons and he never stops stroking it for a single second. It spurts out and land right on his heels and soft soles. He can’t stop himself from moaning at the mixture of feelings. Not only does he get the satisfying explosion of an orgasm, he also gets to feel warm, sticky cum landing on the sensitive skin of his feet. He tries to make it last as long as he possibly can but starts to slow down with his strokes. He squeezes his shaft and shakes out the last few drops of cum before he finally relaxes.

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