Toe Sucking Guys

Tom Uli

Tom Uli is a special kind of pervert who can only experience the full pleasure of a mind blowing orgasm if he’s in danger of being seen by anyone in the area. He’s gone to the woods today to take care of himself and make sure that he services his intense need to cum out in public. He sits on the ground and starts off by rubbing his thick cock through his pants. He squeezes it through the material and feels it grow underneath his fingertips. Once he’s gotten it properly hard, he slides his hand underneath and wraps his fingers around it to give it a few good strokes. Once his clothes come off, his attention is immediately drawn to his feet as he starts to massage them right along with his cock. With one hand pulling his shaft up and down and the other massaging his naked soles and getting in between his toes, it becomes time for him to reach for the moisturizer. He lets it fall all over his arches and rubs it into his skin with both hands. It only serves to turn him on even more so it doesn’t take long for him to get right back to jerking his long, stiff dick. When he feels himself start to blow, he gets up to squat right over his feet. He runs his hand up and down his shaft as fast as he can manage until he lets his entire load shoot all over his ankles.

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