Toe Sucking Guys

Tim Law

Tim Law is no stranger to his foot fetish and today he’s finally getting the chance to indulge in it after thinking about it since the very second that he woke up. He gets home and immediately makes his way to the sofa and lets his own hands caress and explore his tight and toned body. It isn’t long before his wandering hands end up at his feet as he slides off his shoes and runs his fingers all over his soles and his toes. He lets the smell of his sweat fill his nostrils and stiffen his cock while squeezing it through his underwear and playing with his now naked feet at the same time. He sits back and lifts his legs into the air in order to get his feet closer to his cock. The idea suddenly hits him and he decides to see just how much use his toes and soles can be. He pulls them in and slides them up and down his thick, stiff cock, giving himself the best foot job that he’s ever had the pleasure of experiencing. He can feel himself growing even harder as his balls tighten and his body gets ready to let go and let the pleasure of ecstasy course over it. He closes his eye in sexual concentration and jerks his cock as fast as he can until a moan escapes his lips and jets of his creamy and delicious semen shoot out and cover his fingers and his shaft.

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