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Sanchez Paolo

Some young studs like Sanchez Paolo never get to have sex on their teacher’s desk, so they harbor a deep desire for it for the rest of their lives. Today he’s going to find out first hand exactly what it’s like to blow his thick and creamy load all over the top of the desk where the students’ work always ends up at the end of the class. They’ll never know that his cum used to sit right there in puddles, but he will and that will be more than enough to keep him in fantasies for a long time to come. He sits on the desk and slow pulls off all of his clothes until he’s totally naked with his ass spread over it. He takes his cock in hand and starts stroking it, thinking of all the times he could have been bent over it. He switches his hand back and forth to get both the feeling of a lovely blowjob and a tight asshole. He takes a few seconds to lube himself up, then it’s time for him to focus on the task at hand and make sure he finishes up. He stands behind the desk and jerks himself as fast as can until his balls start to clench and his legs start to buck. He lets his load fly from his cock and land in splats all over the wooden top. He looks down to make sure he’ll always remember the site of his creamy cum right there.

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