Toe Sucking Guys

Robbie Kasl and Tim Law

Tim has long heard that Robbie's one hell of a masseur and possibly even more, and he's more than eager to see if the hot rumors are true. Robbie gladly agrees to prove his worth by giving Tim the full body massage of a lifetime, and Tim knows he looks perfectly fuckable in his shiny white shorts and sleek skin. He relishes the sensation of Robbie's expert fingers upon his flesh, and can soon feel a tingling in his cock and balls from Robbie's skillful kneading. Once Robbie gets up to his inner thighs, it's all he can do to keep from blowing his wad facedown on the table, but he continues to play it cool until Robbie starts working on his ass, and then he lets a satisfied groan out. Robbie knows by now that Tim wants to engage in some hot swordplay, and he's only too happy to let it play out. He teases Tim's tight asshole and cock with his whispery fingers, and doesn't hesitate to shove his huge cock down Tim's throat when the moment is right. Robbie goes back to fingering Tim's puckered butthole to get him good and primed to receive his several inches of cock. He goes in slowly at first, and then fucks him in a gay frenzy. Their balls slap together in unison as Tim gets his ass cock reamed by Robbie's enormous rod. Rod is fulfilled beyond comprehension with an ass full of cock and his own hand masturbating himself.

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