Toe Sucking Guys

Riki, Gizzy and Gabe

Rik, Gizzy and Gabe have been friends for a long time and always compete with each other. They’re having a contest to see who can do the most sit ups in the living room. When there’s finally a clear loser, it’s time for him to accept his punishment. The two winners start shoving their sweaty feet right in his face to get their sweat all over him. It’s pretty clear that he’s enjoying it when he start licking their soles and smiling. It gets even clearer when he gets on his knees and starts worshipping their feet with his mouth. He takes each guy’s toes and licks them up and down. Then he moves his head to make sure he can run his lips up and down their warm, soft soles. It turns them both on so much that they can’t help but use him even more. He gets on his knees and starts working one cock with his mouth. His asshole gets spread wide open and penetrated from behind. The ass fucking pushes him back and forth until the cock in his mouth explodes and fills him with delicious cum. Then he get rewarded with a nice, long blowjob.

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