Toe Sucking Guys

Moonek and Mat

Gorgeous hunky pals Moonek and Mat show off their sexy feet and intense smoking hot fucking in this amazing clip. The pair start on a bed, cuddling while they look at funny pictures on their phones. Their feet a clothed only in clean white athletic socks and the lean twosome can't resist rubbing their long strong feet together, first playfully then more and more vigorously. As they begin to make out you can see the outline of their perfect toes through their socks. It doesn't take long before they enthusiastically peel each other's socks off, revealing two pairs of smooth soles. They lick and suck on each other's plump big toes, kissing along each other's arches as they become more and more aroused. Before long Mat pulls out Moonek's big cock and lowers his expert mouth over it, licking and sucking him to rock hardness. Moonek wants a chance to do the same to Mat, so the pair move into a 69 position allowing both of them easy access to suck each other with incredible skill. Now Moonek is ready to go and can't wait to thrust his stiff dick into Mat's tight hole. He fucks Mat hard until he is ready to burst, pulling out so he can shoot his load all over Mat's feet.

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