Toe Sucking Guys


This hot athletic stud is out for a jog in the woods when he decides to have a little fun. He sits down by a tree and removes one dirty athletic shoe, revealing a sweaty smelly foot clad only in a thin white sock. With one hand stroking his cock through his sweat pants he lifts the shoe up to his face, breathing in deeply all the sexy man foot smell in his dirty shoe. It is obvious he is really getting off and soon he takes it further, peeling off a sock to reveal a pink smooth sole underneath. He begins rubbing the arches of his feet then interlaces his fingers with his plump toes as he strokes them too. As he moves his skillful fingers over his feet you can tell he is getting more and more aroused and after a few moments more of stroking himself through his sweatpants he slips them off, giving us a red hot look at the lean hottie in briefs. Even that is not enough for this stud and we get a real eyeful as his slips his big rock hard cock out and begins running his hand over his shaft and his bare foot at the same time. His hands are so skillful it doesn't take long before he climaxes, shooting hot wet cum all over his bare smooth soles.

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