Toe Sucking Guys

Jesse Jenkins

Jesse Jenkins knows exactly what he needs to get himself off with the most intensity and that one thing is a lovely pair of men’s feet. He gets in off of the field and takes off his cleats in the locker room and gives himself a little bit of a foot massage to ease the pain. The smell of his own feet hits his nose and his cock jumps to attention and starts to stiffen. He brings his shoe to his face and inhales all of the wonderful smells that he’s created during his game and lets his hand wonder down to his dick to give it a little more of a massage. He takes his cock out and starts stroking while he rubs the fingers from his other hand up and down his soft arches and naked soles. He spreads his legs wide and reaches for his dirty sock. He holds it right up to his nose to he can enjoy the smell as he gets himself closer and closer to the explosion that he so desperately needs after being introduced to his own lovely scents and the feeling of a good foot rub after an intense workout on a hot and humid day. He puts his feet down on the floor and leans forward when he feels his balls swell up with his creamy cum. He aims like the expert that he is and lets himself explode all over his own feet, covering them in this tasty cum.

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