Toe Sucking Guys

Jasper James and Mickey Ruse

Jasper James and Mickey Ruse are the very best of friends when it comes to sharing feet and orgasms with each other. They start off in bed, holding each other and letting their hands run all over each other’s bodies. One hand rests on a stomach and then it turns into a mad dash to get the pants off of the other person. In between deep, passionate kisses, the pants are taken off and the stiff cocks are put on display for each person to admire and imagine exactly what they’re about to do to each other, although it doesn’t take very long to find out at all. One mouth is immediately drawn to the other’s cocks as he wraps his warm lips around it and glides up and down the shaft and takes the time to make sure that the head gets more than enough licking. Once the mode is enhanced, one of the friends gets on his back with his legs spread wide as the other slides his stiff and aching cock deep into his tight little asshole. He strokes himself in time with the thrusts and lets him take as much of his hole as he wants to feel satisfied. Once they’ve both worked each other into a frenzy, one hot young stud lets his cock explode all over his own stomach while the other slides himself out of his hole and jerks it right onto his friend’s pretty feet until he covers them in his cum.

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