Toe Sucking Guys

James Huck and Tim Law

James Hulk and Tim Law sit on the sofa with their feet up and they are immediately drawn to each other. They look down at each other’s tender young bodies and begin touching each other and kissing. They caress their chest and legs as they kiss and start removing each other’s shirts. They want to feel their bare skin touching as they kiss. They take their shoes off and start making out in just their pants and their socks. They take their pants off and one boy takes the other boy’s socks off with his teeth and starts kissing his bare feet and rubbing his hairy legs. He puts both his feet together and begins licking and sucking his long toes. He puts his tongue between them and sticks them all the way in his mouth. He can’t get enough of the toe sucking. He keeps licking and sucking both of his feet then takes his pants off and start sucking his cock. He is a blowjob natural and wraps his tender lips around while he bobs his head up and down. The other guy returns the favor and sucks him off. They are both getting more and more excited in anticipation of ass fucking. One starts cock riding and he can barely fit the fat cock in his young asshole. They switch positions and fuck doggy style before lying back and jerking off until one of them drops a load on the other’s feet. He looks down at the cum on his feet and lies there with his dick in his hand. His partner walks off because he is well satisfied after dumping a load of cum all over his feet.

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