Toe Sucking Guys

Jack Finix

Jack Finix has a massive foot fetish that he’s never even considered apologizing for. He just loves every single thing about them and can never go more than a few days without getting the sweet aroma of someone else’s sweaty toes all over his fingers and his cock. He starts off by thinking about the last time he had a pretty foot in his mouth as he takes off his shirt and caresses his body with his own hands. It isn’t long before his pants come off and his cock finds its way into his hand. As he sits and strokes himself, she slides his middle finger as far into his tight asshole as he can to pretend that he’s being filled up from behind. He takes a break from jerking himself off to spend a little time on his neglected feet. He run his hands all over his naked toes and soles and makes sure to let the smell hit his nostrils. The scent turns him on so much that his hand shoots right back to his cock to stroke it with his finger sliding in and out of his asshole in time with the quick pace that his level of horniness requires from him. He keeps his pretty feet in full view while he looks down at his cock as the pressure begins to mount and he finally lets his cum shoot right out of his head. It covers his fingers and his stomach and only adds to the scents.

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