Toe Sucking Guys

Furby and Mat

As this scorching clip begins two toned hotties are nestled in bed together, enjoying a cuddle after a hot fuck session. One of the two wakes and decides he wants to continue the fun, pulling the covers back just enough to show his pal's clean smooth soles. While his sexy friend sleeps on he starts licking and sucking on his lover's smelly heels and arches, nuzzling and enjoying every hot inch. Soon he is overcome and can't help but pull his huge uncut cock out of his underwear and begin stroking himself off while he continues to stroke his friend's bare soles. It isn't long before his studly friend awakes and wants to join the fun fully. Soon they are alternating between licking and sucking and stroking each other's stiff rods and plump toes. They expertly take one another in their mouths, feeling the full length of one another's hard cocks in their skillful wet mouths. The pair quickly want to take is further though and it isn't long before the two dudes are fucking, their perfect feet back in the air while one of them strokes himself, his friends cock thrusting deep into his tight hole. These foot loving friends know how to have a good time and it doesn't take them long the climax and they shoot hot sticky cum all over each other's tight abs.

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