Toe Sucking Guys

Furby and Dan

Dan enjoys browsing his tablet and showing his friend Furby all sorts of cool things he finds on the computer he comes across. This is exciting because the two share a pretty good relationship and a broad variety of interests that makes them… work as a couple. Furby is always turned on by Dan, and rightfully so. He grazes Furby's neck and starts kissing him. He loves the feeling of being wanted and the two share that feeling towards each other quite a bit! It's very interesting to watch their relationship because it's one that truly works. The two of them play footsies together, rubbing the soles of their feet together while kissing. Dan and Furby immediately start taking their socks off and start kissing one another's feet. They love the feeling of sucking on each other's toes. The feeling of their tongues on each other is hot and exciting. You'll start getting hard watching them sucking and kissing each other's soles. Within moments, the two boys start to jerk their big uncut cocks off and they are really horny, beyond control. Furby takes a condom and rolls it on his dick before sliding himself into Dan's tight asshole. He loves the sensation of his large cock penetrating a tight ass. After the sensation became too much, he pulled out and they both jerked their cocks to orgasm. You bet they're going to do this again very soon.

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