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Furby and Blue boy

Furby and Blueboy are two innocent looking gay boys who are anything but innocent when they get together. The moment they are alone, they start touching each other passionately. One of them sits on the futon with his socks on and his feet propped up while the other one lies down and starts rubbing his bare feet all over his cock while getting a foot massage. They are both turned on and their dicks get hard. One of them starts playing with the other one's cock through his underwear. They get up and lay the futon out into a bed so they can lie down and suck each other's toes. While toe sucking, they rub their feet all over each other's cocks. One guy pulls his cock out of his underwear while the other gives him a foot job. The boy gets so horny from the foot job that he gets up and starts cock sucking. He takes the cock deep in his mouth and jacks him off. He then lifts his legs in the air and enters his asshole. His throbbing cock spreads his ass open as he moans with pleasure. He fucks him intensely while his tender and supple feet dangle right in his face. He keeps pounding him hard and begins toe sucking while he is fucking him, intensifying his pleasure. He keeps fucking him in the ass hard and deep until he gets close to cumming. He pulls out and jacks off, cumming all over his feet. He rubs the head of his dick all over the soles of his bare feet spreading the cum around. After getting his feet cummed on, the long haired boy jacks off on his own stomach. His boyfriend holds his cock tenderly while he smears the cum on his stomach.

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