Toe Sucking Guys

Furby and Ataman

Furby is back in this hot new episode of ToeSuckingGuys! This time, he's partnered with Ataman. From the get-go, you can hear a lot smooches. The 2 boys are totally into each other. Ataman is taking control of Furby's tight body, kissing him all over his belly, his face, grabbing his bulge. Furby is fucking loving it!!! After a while, Ataman gets to work on Furby's feet, sucking passionately on Furby's big toe while looking at him. Very intense! Then the sock comes off and Ataman is going for it! Now he can fully taste Furby's smelly toes. One by one, he devours each toes giving Furby an intense pleasure. Ataman knows he's got a great effect on Furby. It's time for Furby to work on Ataman's feet. The 2 sexy boys are going at it, pleasuring each other's feet. Suddenly, Ataman is wanting more, he pulls down Furby's undies and starts sucking on his uncut cock while Furby takes Ataman's sock off and starts sniffing it hard and then licking Ataman's smooth sole. A few minutes later, our boy Furby gets on top, undressing Ataman. Some sexy kissing and licking are happening. Furby is the man in control now. Ataman's feet are his to smell and lick for a bit. When the 2 boys decide to give each other's cock a footjob, at that point, it's really hard to control of our own cock! This is hot! There is some real foot action in this video, so what more to ask? Some hardcore fucking maybe? Fuck yeah! In no time, the condom gets on Furby's cock which then gets in Ataman's tight ass. The fucking has begun. "Fuck that ass hard Furby" is what comes in mind. Ataman is bouncing on Furby's hard uncut meat and riding the fucker. There is some real passion into this fucking... Licking, kissing, sucking toes while fucking. Now comes the time for us to jerk off our own cock (if of course you haven't started already :) On his back, watch Ataman getting fucked while Furby sucks on his toes. He's giving it good to Ataman, that's for sure. The boy is moaning with pleasure while getting his ass plowed. After a while, Ataman can't hold it anymore and starts cumming while still getting fucked but it doesn't take long for Furby to pull out and jerk off on Ataman's feet where he unloads his man juice all over. The 2 boys seem to have great chemistry and this shows really well in this episode. We hope to see them together again very soon.

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