Toe Sucking Guys


Eryk is a thin and sexy gay boy who walks into his room, sits in the floor and starts polishing his sneakers with some tissue. He looks cute in his long jean shorts and socks as he concentrates on getting his shoes nice and clean. He shows that he has a foot fetish when he brings the sneakers up to his nose and starts sniffing them. He seems to begin getting turned on from smelling his own shoes because he starts playing with his cock through his jeans. You can see that his dick is getting harder and harder and there is a huge bulge in his pants. He takes his jeans off then pulls his giant cock out of his underwear. He starts jerking himself off then begins rubbing his shoes all over his hard cock. He picks up both shoes and sticks his cock between them and continues jerking off. He clearly becomes even more turned on as he pulls his socks off and starts wrapping them around his cock. He starts sniffing his shoe again while he jerks off with his dick inside of his sock. The camera goes in close on his sexy feet and toes while he gets himself off. He leaves his dick inside of his sock then inserts it into his shoe and fucks it. He shows how flexible he is when he brings his feet up and rubs his cock with them. This turns him on so much that he cums on the carpet next to his feet. He uses his sock to wipe the cum off the floor and off his cock then starts sniffing his own feet and sucking his own toes. Eryk is a beautiful and horny twink with a foot fetish who loves to jerk off for you.

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