Toe Sucking Guys

Erik West and Robby Rodriguez - Part 2

Gorgeous hunk Robby is arrainging some hot videos at a store when lean hottie Erik's sandaled feet catch his eye. He can't help but eye Erik's long toes, totally revealed by his open toes sandals. Luckily for him Erik likes some foot love and it doesn't take too much convicing to get Erik to sit down so Robby can remove his sandals and start sucking on his plump toes. This of course drives the toned Erik wild and he moans with pleasure as his cock gets harder and harder. The fun progresses and Robby pulls on Erik's belt, pulling his pants down and his new pal's stiff dick free. In only a few moments he has wrapped his moist lips around Erik's stiffy and he is eagerly going up and down on his thick pole. Of course Robby still has not had enough of Erik's smooth sweaty feet and before long he is back to sucking all along Erik's nearly hairless feet and slightly dirty soles. As the clip continues Robby alternates between suck off Erik's cock and his big toes until finally Erik can take it no longer. Holding his big cock in one hand he shoots creamy cum all over Robby's muscled chest.

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