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Erik West and JT Scott - Part 2

On another amazing clip we saw Erik treat JT to some serious foot love, and in this hot video it is time for JT to return the favor. JT wastes no time in cramming his bud's big toes into his mouth, eagerly licking and sucking Erik's smelly toes. It does not take too long before he has Erik's big cock out of his pants and he slides studly Erik's rock hard dig into his warm eager mouth. He takes a few minutes to enjoy sucking on something so long and hard before he leans back on the bed, offering up his smooth soles to Erik's mouth. The two take each other's feet in their mouths, licking and sucking on one another while they stroke their stiff rods. The just can't get enough of each other's smelly feet and they continue for a while licking and sucking and stroking one another. As Erik gets closer JT wraps his smooth pink soles around his friend's hard cock and begins to stroke him off. It doesn't take long of that hot treatment before hunky Erik can take it no longer. Grasping the outsides of JT's feet with his strong hands he uses JT's soles to stroking his cock harder and harder until he shoots wet sticky cum all over JT's sexy big feet.

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