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Erik West and JT Scott - Part 1

It is hard to find something hotter than a pair of big smelly man feet. Luckily athletic hottie Erik West agrees and in this sexy clip he and fellow foot lover JT Scott have a scorching good time together. The clip starts with the two beefcake dudes relaxing on a couch together. Erik is eyeing JT's smooth bare feet and his friend obviously enjoys the attention. Pretty soon Erik's admiration turns to action as he begins licking and nuzzling JT's bare soles, enjoying the smell and feel of his stinky man feet against his tongue. JT is getting hornier by the minute and as he enjoys Erik's attention he begins rubbing his fingers along his hardening shaft through his athletic pants. Erik continues, sliding JT's big plump toes into his mouth and giving them a hard suck while his buddy closes his eyes in pleasure. Soon Erik is ready to give other parts of his studly friend's anatomy a hard suck as he pulls down JT's drawers to give him better access to his bud's hard rod. Although JT enjoys his friend's mouth action, he loves it even better when Erik pulls up his own big feet and wraps his bare soles around JT's rock hard cock to give him an amazing foot job. Of course this puts JT over the edge and in a matter of moments he is shooting his big load all over himself.

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