Toe Sucking Guys

Elliot Holloman

Elliot Holloman likes to take his time when he tends to his own needs. He’s all alone today and he’s going to take the chance to satisfy his entire body. He starts by rubbing his hands up and down his chest and making sure to rub his crotch. The clothes come off and he sits in bed to suck on his own toes. He sucks every last drop of foot sweat into his mouth and then it’s time to take his cock into his hand. He puts his naked soles together to jerk his load all over his own, naked stomach. The cum starts to shoot out all over his curly hair and soft skin. He makes sure to press his naked soles together as the pleasure vibrates throughout his entire body. It feels exactly like having another man’s feet pressed against his. He slows down his jerking to make sure he gets ever last drop of his cum out and onto his body. He finally lets his head fall back as he closes his eyes and smiles at how good he feels. He even makes sure to squeeze his pulsing cock to get the very last drop of cum out.

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