Toe Sucking Guys

Dominik Black

Dominik Black loves swollen balls in his hand, even if they’re his own. He sits back on his leather sofa and slowly pulls off all of his clothes. He takes off his socks last and puts his naked soles together after giving them a nice rub down. The he finally pulls his cock out from behind his underwear and starts stroking it hard. He cups his testicles with the other hand and squeezes them just enough to get him closer and closer to shooting his load. When it’s finally time, he lays back to get it all over his stomach. He can’t help but jerk his cock faster and faster to make himself cum as hard as he possible can. He starts to moan and breathe heavy while he stares down at his dick. He loves the way that the cum looks when it finally starts to shoot out of the head of his stiff penis. It flies out and plops down all over his stomach. His load is so powerful that it even manages to splat against his heaving chest until he finally starts to slow down. He lays back with is face covered in sweat and just smiles.

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