Toe Sucking Guys

Desmond Cooper

Desmond Cooper can’t wait to give himself a good jerking today. He has a camera in front of him so he can show off all of his cock skills to the world. He squeezes his cock over his pants and doesn’t waste any time in sliding his hands underneath to start stroking himself. He can only manage to pull his pants down to his knees before he has to sit back and stroke his stiff and throbbing dick up and down. He doesn’t even bother keeping things clean when he lets his load shoot all over his warm, naked stomach. It shoots straight up into the air and splats back down on top of his stomach. He starts to moan with each spurt as it shoots out of his thick and stiff cock. He slows downs his jerking and lets the last few globs drip out and cover his tired fingers. It’s the best way to feel like he’s jerking a hot bear and getting his warm seed all over him as a reward. He never stops stroking while he lets his head fall back and he starts to breathe hard.

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