Toe Sucking Guys

Derick and Josh - Part 2

Josh can't wait to lick and suck all over his pal's wrinkled bare soles and Derick obviously loves the treatment. The clip starts with the pair naked in bed. Derick's sexy pink soles are right in front of us while he strokes his big cock. Josh kneels at his hot friend's big feet and starts nibbling and licking on each one of Derick's plump toes. He is in no rush and takes his time, running his skillful tongue all over the wrinkled soles of his hunky friend's feet and sucking hard on each one of his toes. Soon his friend wants to join in the fun and the two position themselves so that they can lick each other's smooth feet while they stroke their hard dicks. They are both moaning in ecstasy as they push one another closer and closer to a mind blowing climax. Their big stinky feet are moist from all the sucking and soon they are going to get even wetter. With Derick close to the edge, Josh rolls on his back while his friend kneels at his feet. Derick jerks himself harder and harder until finally he shoots his big load all over Josh's pink bare soles.

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