Toe Sucking Guys

Derick and Josh - Part 1

This smoking hot clip starts out with hunky foot buddies Derick and Josh asleep on a bed. They are snuggled together, their big feet intertwined when Derick awakes and decides it's time for a little sexy fun. He rises and kneels beside Josh, pulling back the covers ever so slightly to reveal Josh's smooth soles. Completely aroused by the sight Derick immediately begins licking all over his friend's feet, running his skillful tongue along Josh's sensitive arches and over the tops of his feet until he reaches his plump toes. Of course Josh cannot sleep through this erotic treatment and when he wakes he pulls his big cock out of his pants and runs his hand up and down its hard length. After giving his friend's feet a thorough licking Derick can't resist sliding his hard cock between Josh's pink bare soles and thrusting his stiffy back and forth while Josh strokes his own dick harder and harder. The two friends continue to pleasure each other until Josh can take is no longer and he pushes himself over the brink to a mind-blowing orgasm, shooting hot cum all over his lean chest.

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