Toe Sucking Guys


Good morning Danny. He looks at his phone and smiles. I wonder what the text was about. Danny starts moving in the bed and moves his hands down. He plays with his feet. Manly feet get him excited and he starts pulling on his growing member. Danny tugs at his cock and grabs his toes. He rubs his feet together as he pulls more and more on himself. He pulls his legs closer to him towards his cock and rocks back and forth. He plays with himself and flops his hard cock back and forth flicking himself at his manly feet. Danny pushes his throbbing hot cock in between his feet again. He then takes his foot to his face and sucks on his toes. Danny gets excited again and strokes his cock while looking at his manly feet. He spreads his toes out pleased with himself. Slowly he strokes his cock back and forth. He runs one hand back and forth on his fat sack. More and more stroking until finally he’s blasted his cum all over his feet. He takes his cock and wags it back and forth over his feet. Danny gently rubs his cum on his manly feet. His feet sparkle with his cum and he continues to stroke his cock some more. He is very pleased with himself.

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