Toe Sucking Guys

Danny and Gabe

Meet Danny and Gabe. They are two insatiable and petite gay boys who are just as into each other as they are into feet. They both awaken ready and willing for some hot gay sex. They are clearly into each other and are very turned on the moment they wake up. It seemed as if they were dreaming about fucking and they wake up ready to get started. They start rubbing their bare feet together while they kiss passionately. The camera goes in close and you can see how soft and supple their feet are as they rub them together. After some more kissing they start sniffing and licking each other's feet. One of them plays with his cock through his underwear while the other one licks and sucks his toes. The boy gets so horny from sucking toes that he greases his asshole so he can ride his boyfriend's cock. He straddles him and reaches back to guide his man's cock deep inside him. He pushes his ass down on him as hard as he can while his boyfriend raises his hips up trying to get it deeper inside. He finally spreads his legs and holds them up in the air so he can feel the cock slide even deeper inside of him. He puts his feet on his chest and caresses them while he is fucking him deep. They continue fucking passionately until they both get close to completion. The boy doing the fucking jerks off until he cums all over his boyfriend's feet. He covers his sexy foot with cum then rubs his cock on it to spread it around. He reaches up and squeezes his cock until his balls are completely drained. They lie together kissing some more even though both their balls are completely empty.

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