Toe Sucking Guys

Danny and Axel

Danny was having a hot shower the one day after a long day at work. He's a slender guy, with a hot body and wickedly large uncut cock! He's enjoying his hot shower and enjoys rubbing down his body and cleaning himself. For some reason, he's really into massaging his toes and feet with the warm water and soap. He also enjoys using the shower head directly on his body too! There's no better feeling than warm water rushing all over his slender body. He dries himself off and heads out of the shower to meet up with Axel. As soon as he gets back to the couch in the living room, Axel begins to lick his feet, feeling the soles of his feet and toes with this tongue as Danny jerks his hard cock off. Danny's uncut cock got hard instantly and you could tell that he's extremely turned on with everything Axel is doing to him. Danny returns the favor and starts licking his soles before grabbing a condom and rolling it onto his hard cock. He loves the feeling of sliding his cock into Axel's tight asshole. With each thrust of his cock, Danny drives himself deeper into Axel and pounds away, taking time to kiss him every minute or so. He continues to fuck him until the both of them are ready to cum. They both work their own hard uncut cocks to completion. Danny had no problem blowing his load on Axel's feet.

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