Toe Sucking Guys

Danny and Ataman

Danny and Ataman were on their bed making out one boring Saturday afternoon. The excitement began when the two started kissing even though they couldn't make plans that night for the life of them. They decided to stay in and just have some alone time with one another. The two lay in bed cuddling and kissing each other. The two of them don't hesitate to rub each other's legs and give each other slight, electrifying touches that make them feel alive! It didn't take long for Danny to get excited over Ataman's feet. He's got a slight foot fetish and he really appreciates feet, whether they're fresh or dirty. He begins kissing and sucking on Ataman's feet, soles and toes. Danny loves to stuff his mouth full of feet or suck on each individual toe. It doesn't really matter to him which way it goes down. He pulls his socks off and has his way with the other foot. He could suck the young man's toes for hours if he was allowed to. Ataman returns the favor and sucks on Danny's toes too, before the two started playing with each other's cocks. While Danny sucks Ataman's cock, he returns a helping hand as the two get into 69 position. After some intense cock sucking, Danny slides his hard uncut cock deep into Ataman's ass with a condom on. He pounds that hairless ass hard from behind until he feels the need to blow his load. It really helped that Ataman threw his feet into his mouth which helped each other get off just a little quicker. With loads blown across their chest and ankle, the two certainly did have a lot of fun together in this scene.

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