Toe Sucking Guys


Dan goes into a bathroom and gets undressed. Each piece of clothing comes off quickly until it comes to his socks. Dan takes the time to enjoy taking off his socks and rubbing his feet. He makes sure to caress each toe with gentle care. After he takes off his socks he then takes a nice whiff of his sweaty sock. He brings it down his body and strokes it with his big hard cock. Into the shower he goes and goes back to caressing his toes. He lathers them up and plays with his feet as he lays in the shower. He does this for several minutes just enjoying his toes. The water is hot and it excites him. After a bit of a time in the shower he dries off his now clean feet. He goes into the bedroom to make them dirty again. He lays in bed and grabs his hard erect cock and looks at his feet. Squeezing. Pulling. Jerking as he looks at his manly feet. He pleasures himself until he finally releases a load of cum. He rubs it gently on his feet taking delicate care to get it dirty again. His soft feet are getting softer with his cum. It feels so nice. Oh so nice. Dan is ready for bed now.

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