Toe Sucking Guys

Dale Madden and Dom Ully

Dom Ully is on his back with his naked feet in front of Dale Madden’s face. He starts off by lightly tickling them with his fingertips before he leans in and starts sucking on them. He gets them covered in his spit and makes sure to lick every inch of them. Then he moves right up and replaces Dale’s feet with his stiff cock in his mouth. They trade blowjobs and Dom decides to repay all of the hard work by getting on his knees. Dale slides his cock into his ass and pulls out to cum on his feet. He makes sure to jerk his cock nice and slow so he can enjoy every last second of it. Dom holds his hot and sexy feet as still and close to his dick as he possibly can. He even lets his toes brush up against his swollen and aching ball sack. He wants to make sure that he gets covered in as much cum as he possibly can. Dale finally starts to blow his hot load all over his feet. It shoots out in spurts and drips down from his foreskin until he can’t help but lean back and smile.

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