Toe Sucking Guys

Corey Law

Corey Law loves the excitement of almost being caught whenever he takes his cock into his own hand, and that’s exactly why he’s found himself in the middle of a field as he slowly strips off all of his clothes. He lets his hands run over his naked feet as he sits among the flowers and takes the time to massage both the tops and the bottoms of his feet as he feels the sensations start to make his cock grow under his shorts. After just a few minutes of massage, he gets himself completely naked except for the hat on his head and wraps his hand around his now thick and stiff cock. He makes sure to keep his feet close up to his body so he can feel his naked heels pressing in against his swollen ball sack to make the entire thing that much more pleasurable. He takes one hand and slides it over his arches while keeping his other hand totally engaged on his massive erection until he starts to feel his muscles tense in the coming of his orgasm. Even though his balls are tight against his body as they prepare to unleash all of their contents, he still finds a way to make sure that his heels are touching them. When he’s finally ready to go, he leans his cock forward over himself and lets the tasty cum shoot in ribbons all over his arches and his toes. His body shakes in the pleasure.

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