Toe Sucking Guys

Corey Law and Andrew Kitt

Corey Law and Andrew Kitt get together for some extremely hot and romantic toe sucking and gay sex. They sit on the sofa together and one of them puts his feet in the lap of the other. They both have a foot fetish and they are especially fond of each other's feet. Both of them have very soft feet and they both enjoy sucking toes and getting their toes sucked. They also enjoy sucking cock as well as taking a cock deep in their ass while they jerk off. The toe sucking is very titillating and both of them are clearly getting off on it. While he's sucking his toes and licking his bare feet all over; the cute and petite gay boy rubs his legs while his partner moans. He clearly has a foot fetish because he is sucking his toes deep and shoving his tongue between them. He looks like he is in foot fetish heaven. The more he licks and sucks his feet, the harder his cock gets. He then puts his feet next to his partner's face so they can both suck each other's toes. He takes his socks off and sniffs them before sucking his toes and licking his bare feet. They sit up and start playing with each other's cocks and they are both very hard from the toe sucking. They exchange blowjobs and they both enjoy the cocks so much that they can't stop moaning. They finally begin ass fucking in several positions while jerking off. One of them pulls on his cock while he is getting fucked in the ass and cums all over his own stomach. His partner is still fucking him from behind and pulls his cock out of his ass. He kneels over him and jerks off all over his chest.

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