Toe Sucking Guys

Casey Baxter

Casey Baxter has been feeling horny all day long and now it’s finally time for him to do something about it. He’s just gotten home and sat down on the sofa to run his hands all over his growing cock. He massages it through the fabric of his pants and gives it a few squeezes to make sure it keeps on getting bigger and bigger. It isn’t long before his shirt comes off and pants get unbuttoned. He stands to slide them off and lets his now fully erect cock peek through his underwear. The long thing stands at attention as he wraps his hand around it and gives it a few good strokes before getting completely naked. After he takes off his socks, he rubs his feet with moisturizer to make sure they stay just as pretty as they are right now. The action makes him get closer and closer to cumming, even though he’s just getting started. He runs his hand all over his naked soles and the tops of his feet, only taking the hand off of his dick to rub the other foot. He throws his legs into the air to get his feet closer to himself before he settles down with his feet resting on the sofa. He leans back and focuses on the source of most of his pleasure and jerks himself off with his eyes still on his toes. His balls start to tingle and he finally explodes all over his stomach with cum.

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