Toe Sucking Guys

Cameron and Robby Rodriguez

What starts as two hot friends relaxing on a couch together quickly turns into a sexy encounter in this amazing clip. The video starts with Cameron laying down, his big manly feet in Robby's lap. Much to Cameron's pleasure Robby can't resist stroking his pal's bare soles, running his strong hands firmly all over Cameron's smooth pink soles. As the pair get more and more aroused Robby slips one hand down to Cameron's cock, stroking him through his pants. As he feels his friend's hardening dick he erotically slides one long toe after the other in and out of his mouth. Before long the two get naked, giving Robby easier access to Cameron's big stiffy. He strokes him for a few moments and then moves his hot mouth down to Cameron's rock hard cock and slides him inside, expertly sucking all over his friend's big rod. Although he likes sucking dick and he is so good at it, he also wants another taste of Cameron's big stinky feet. Cameron starts stroking his hard cock while Robby travels back to his feet. Robby nuzzles and licks every inch of his pal's large manly feet which Cameron strokes himself faster and faster. Finally Cameron is pushed over the edge and he shoots his sticky load of cum everywhere.

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