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Cameron and Jacob - Part 2

Jacob is a foot loving newbie but hot lean Cameron is happy to school him in this sexy clip. As the video starts the horny pair are relaxing on a couch totally nude. Timid but excited, Jacob takes one of Cameron's big manly feet and begins licking all over his friend's sensitive bare arch and plump toes. Of course this drives Cameron absolutely wild and before long he is stroking his long hard cock, staring with total enjoyment as Jacob starts in with a sensual massage, running his hands all over Cameron's arches and the balls of his smelly feet. Soon he slides his hands up Cameron's legs and onto his buddy's hard dick, jerking him expertly. Of course Jacob is in for a special treat and while he strokes and fondles Cameron's cock with his hands, Cameron slides one foot up to Jacob's cock and slides it between his big toe, rubbing his foot back and forth over Jacob's big cock. As the clip continues Cameron can't resist slipping Jacob's dick between his lips, thrusting him in and out of his warm wet mouth while Jacob moans in ecstasy. Soon they both can't take much more and they lay back, sliding their toes into one another's mouths while they stroke their hard cocks until they are both bathed in hot sticky cum.

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