Toe Sucking Guys


Gorgeous Cal is a muscled stud who loves a pair of big manly feet. When he comes home from a long workout the first thing he does is take off his sweaty shoes. Of course he can't resist burying his nose in one of them and taking a big whiff, thoroughly enjoying the smelly foot aroma. As he sniffs, one of his hands travels down to his crotch and he starts stroking his big cock through his slick athletic pants. Getting more aroused he continues, peeling off one moist black sock to reveal smooth pink toes underneath. With his bare soles to us he fondles and rubs each toe, taking his time with each one. Pretty soon he can't resist sensually sliding them one at a time into his warm wet mouth. Of course he doesn't want to neglect the other sexy foot and so he repeats the process, sliding off first a shoe, then a sock, giving his bare foot an erotic massage and then an eager sucking. Now totally rock hard Cal strips off the rest of his clothes, revealing his big stiff dick. With one hand on a foot and the other firmly stroking up and down his hard shaft Cal drives himself to an intense orgasm, shooting hot cum all over himself which he carefully wipes with a sock.

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