Toe Sucking Guys

Cal and Tobi

Cal and Tobi love to take baths. There is only one tub and they see no problem with sitting in the water together because there is plenty of room for them. They both sit in the tub together and it seems like they are both just there to relax and soak in the water. They both look extremely soft and supple with the water caressing their bodies. One of them has a soft, thin body and the other one is tone and athletic from head to toe. They are completely nude as they prop their feet up on the tub and we get a close up view of how soft and tender they are. They each sit with their feet up on opposite ends of the tub. They start looking at each other's legs and feet and things start getting hot. Soon they start rubbing each other while playing with their cocks under the water. They start rubbing each other's feet and sliding their fingers between their toes. The more their feet are touched, the harder their cocks get. The toe sucking starts and the sexual tension goes through the roof. They both get so horny that it seems like the water is about to boil over. One is toe sucking while other is jerking off. The guy jerks off harder and faster while the other boy sucks his toes. He pulls on his hard cock until he finally unloads his balls full of cum on his inner thigh. The hot skinny boy continues sucking his toes while he lies there with his balls drained. It becomes apparent that this is a chance encounter. After his balls are completely drained, he gets his towel and walks out leaving the thin and sexy twink soaking in the water with his cum floating.

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