Toe Sucking Guys

Cal and Rainer

Cal and Rainer have a date, but they're not going out anywhere. This is not just any date between two good looking and horny young gay men. This is a foot fetish date. The sexy and athletic young man is alone and waiting for his friend to come over worship his feet. Toe sucking is his favorite and he gets a rock hard boner every time he feels his toes inside the warm wet mouth of another young, hot man. He is lying on large sofa with his hands behind his head relaxing when the other man shows up. He walks in and gets down on his knees right away giving him a foot massage through his socks. Things quickly become erotic even though he is not touching his skin yet. He just caresses his feet through his socks and puts the feet up to his mouth. He takes his sock off and starts sucking his toes and licking his soft feet. He runs his tongue up and down the soles of his sexy feet as both of their cocks get hard. The boy getting his toes sucked pulls his cock out of the top of his jeans and starts rubbing it while he watches his partner worship his feet. He finally takes his jeans off and starts jerking off. He has his cock firmly gripped and jerking it as the toe sucking continues. The gorgeous twink caresses his legs then takes his shirt off. When his partner jacks off and cums all over his own stomach; he reaches down and takes off his socks. He uses his socks to wipe all the cum off of his boyfriend's stomach. With the socks full of sticky cum; he puts them on, puts his shoes on and walks out of the room.

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