Toe Sucking Guys


Beliar was just sitting at home chilling and wasn't sure what he was going to be up to that day. The camera is on him, his slender, beautiful body and you can see him stirring about with his feet. I wonder what's going through his head? I think he's got some kinky thoughts bouncing around in there. He starts massaging his feet and staring into the camera. He rubs his feet and pulls his socks off to expose his feet. His feet are actually really nice for being that of a mans'. He rubs the soles of his feet and each individual toes. With both socks off, he can't help but play with his large, throbbing cock and jerking off. He's not just jerking off normally, he's got a stinky sock on his hand. There's something about using socks that were on his feet that turn him on. He grabs his toes and starts sucking on them. He loves to jerk his dick off while sucking and using his tongue on each individual toe too. With two socks on his hands now, he's massaging his foreskin on his uncut cock. You can tell he's totally into watching himself get off as he plays with his precum and studies his cock as it goes up and down in his hands. It didn't really take long for him to bust a thick load of cum on his feet. The warm, gooey cum definitely felt good blasted all over his feet. He proceeded to lick it up off his feet which definitely adds to the excitement. After playtime is over, he can't help but rest easy after a fun night of toe sucking.

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