Toe Sucking Guys

Beliar and Riki

Beliar and Riki are hard at work on their computers when Riki starts to look off into the distance. He watches a movie. It's not very entertaining. Beliar is annoyed and working. He gets up and has to deal with Riki's mischief. I'll give him something to punish him alright. Belair goes to the couch and pulls his pants down. Riki is going to shut up alright. He shoves his hard wet cock in Riki's mouth and rocks him back and forth. He will pay for watching the loud television. He will pay with his mouth. Beliar starts Riki with his cock and then decides it's time to change it. He pushes Riki down and puts his foot with his sock on Riki's chest. He grabs his cock and Riki watches anxiously as Belair strokes his cock back and forth before putting his foot into Riki's mouth. Riki sucks and sucks. After a while of getting this pleasure, it's Riki's turn to get his. Beliar sits on the couch as Riki lies on the floor and puts his foot down Riki's pants. Inching closer and closer. Lower and lower. He grabs Riki's hard erection with one foot rubbing back and forth as Riki licks his lips pleased. It's Riki's turn. Beliar takes his other foot and wraps it around Riki's cock and rubs it in between. Riki gets harder and harder. Beliar removes Riki's pants and then his own. Beliar grabs his own hard hot cock and continues to rub Riki's cock with his feet. This could go on for awhile. Beliar teases Riki for several more minutes before finally bending him over and finishing the job.

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