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Austin Nova

Sexy boy Austin Nova sits on the bed in his t-shirt, jeans and sneakers and he is clearly horny. He rubs his cock through his jeans and it's already hard. He pulls his shirt up and starts rubbing his chest. He takes his shoes off and takes the socks off of his soft, warm feet. He starts rubbing his feet and putting his fingers between his toes. He rubs his feet together and caresses them as he gets hornier and hornier. He finally pulls his pants down to his ankles and plays with himself through his underwear before taking his pants all the way off. The camera goes in close as he continues to caress his soft feet. Austin spreads his toes apart and worships his own feet. He rubs his legs and starts rubbing his hand up and down his cock through his underwear again then takes his shirt off. He rubs his bare chest and tickles his nipples. He pulls his foot up closer to him while he continues to play with his toes. He slides his hand down the front of his underwear and starts playing with his cock with one hand while he continues to play with his toes with the other. Austin pulls his foot up to his mouth and shows how flexible he is. He slides his toes into his mouth and starts sucking them. He slides his tongue between his toes, kisses them and puts them all the way in his mouth. He goes back to rubbing his cock and it's huge and throbbing by now. He starts jerking off. He finally pulls his underwear off and plays with his cock and balls. He keeps his legs spread wide open and continues to play with his foot while he jerks off his cock.

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