Toe Sucking Guys

Arthur Shining

Arthur Shining loves nothing more than showing off his sexy feet to men who love to see them. He’s having a great day since he has a camera in front of him and nice, white socks to share. He pulls them out of his shoes and massages his soles to rub sweat all over his own fingers. Then he takes off the rest of his clothes and makes sure his feet are pointed right at the camera while he takes his cock into his hand. He’s so turned on by showing off that he’s ready to blow all over his own hand. He grabs onto his warm, soft thigh with his other hand and closes his eyes. His other hand manages to jerk his cock even faster and the cum finally starts to flow. It shoots out in ribbons and splats against his skin. He can feel each and every drop spread out over his skin. The warmth and stickiness makes him think of all the big, strong men who have cum on him over and over again. The pleasure exhausts him so much that he can’t do anything but let his head fall back while he tries to catch his breath.

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