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Ariel Varga

Ariel Varga is a tender young twink with soft and sexy feet who has a foot fetish. His feet are always part of his masturbation. He loves the smell. He lies on the bed in his jeans, t-shirt and sneakers. He looks right at you as he rubs his cock through his jeans then takes his shoe off. He starts sniffing both of this shoes and rubbing himself all over. The camera lingers up and down his body as he quickly becomes hornier and hornier. He continues to sniff his shoes then takes his shirt and pants off. He starts rubbing his shoe all over his soft cock through his underwear. The more he plays with his young fuck stick the harder it gets. He caresses his own chest, sniffs his shoes, rubs them all over his cock and looks very sexy and content. He rubs his legs and feet up and down then takes his socks off. He starts sniffing his socks and rubbing his bare feet. The camera goes in close on the soft pink soles of his feet as he continues to rub his shoes on his cock. He finally takes off his underwear and his cock is gorgeous. He jacks off while he sniffs his own socks. He gets up on his knees and starts jerking his stiff cock harder. He keeps picking up his socks and shoes and sniffing them and throws his socks over his shoulder. He gets close to cumming so he lies back down with his legs spread. His boner is huge as he strokes it up and down. He reaches over and drapes his sock over his inner thigh. He continues pulling on his hard cock and jerking off until he sprays a nut load of cum all over his sock.

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